The Elsa Nilsson Quartet

The Elsa Nilsson Quartet

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Join us as we welcome The Elsa Nilsson Quartet to The Cutting Room.

Sweden-native, New York City-based flutist and composer Elsa Nilsson is proud to announce the February 21st release of Hindsight, her third album as a leader. Hindsight is a direct reaction to the result of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the issues that have manifested since; it is a ten-track collection of resistance compositions, embedded with the rhythmic chants of a nation. The Elsa Nilsson Quartet, which features Jeff McLaughlin on guitar, Alex Minier on bass and Cody Rahn on drums/percussion will preview Hindsight at. Throughout 2020, Elsa will tour this music across Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, Vermont, Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Before and during this tour, videos for each of the tracks will be released - each of which have been created by individuals who experience, or are at least exposed to the direct effects of the social and political disorder brought to light by these compositions. This special album release performance at The Cutting Room will project the videos behind the band as they play.

With every political and social issue that resonated with the flutist came a new composition - an outlet for objection and resistance. Upon bringing this music to her band, the individual rage, frustration and confusion that Nilsson had been harbouring found support and solidarity as the musicians added their thoughts and perspectives, giving the music expanded depth. Nilsson says: “the music became a record of our reactions to the changing world around us. My mission with Hindsight is both to express my feelings around the topics I care deeply about, show solidarity with everyone who is directly affected and gratitude for everyone who is showing up to make a difference in any way they can.” 

Music is both a reaction to and an influence on its culture. The flute is her voice and on Hindsight. Elsa Nilsson uses it to translate the language of political movement. Music begins to communicate where language ends. It is an attempt to describe what we can’t even understand - to communicate a thought that hasn’t been fully formed. This band imbibes the energy of rock n’ roll, the cadence of street protest, the visceral improvisations of jazz and the compositional language of Classical music to express the emotional turmoil that goes beyond words in reaction to the state of our world. There is democracy in improvised music. All voices are heard and are integral to the argument, even if one voice is leading the conversation. Each person leads the discussion, at some point or another. If a voice is missing, the absence is felt. There is democracy in music, but there is also music in democracy. Elsa saw that music in the protest chants that inspired this album. The improvisations and compositions heard on Hindsight intertwines dialog from speeches and the rhythms from protest marches that Elsa has witnessed and been a part of. 

$25 food & beverage minimum per person.

Venue Information:
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St.
New York, NY, 10016