The Bev Leslies Xmas Fantasia 2019

The Bev Leslies Xmas Fantasia 2019

Under 21 With Guardian
Come join us at The Cutting Room for a night of The Bev Leslies Xmas Fantasia 2019!

The Bev Leslies

Bette Sussman - keys & vocals

Elaine Caswell - vocals

Shawn Pelton - drums

John Putnam - guitar

Paul Socolow - bass

The Fa La La Horns

Clark Gayton - trombone

Aaron Heich - sax

Mark Pender - trumpet

with Special Guests

Neal Coomer - vocals

Jonny Rosch - harp & vocals

& Special Surprise Guest!

T'will be three nights before Christmas and all through the Cutting Room

The crowds will be clamoring " won’t the Bev Leslies PLEASE start soon?”

Pelton, Putnam & Socolow take the stage

A band that's become NYC's Yuletide rage

Heick & Gayton blowin' Gabriel's horn

Rosch on the harp still dreamin' of porn

Elaine's red lips & Bette's big blonde hair

Voices like angels with presents to spare

Sweet smokey torch & greazy old soul

This holiday cocktail will make the joint rock & roll

With their stockings pulled up & a few cocktails done

They'll swagger on stage havin' way too much fun

Naughty and nice the Bev Leslies take flight

Cuz the Xmas Fantasia’s gonna rock SUNDAY NIGHT!!!

Venue Information:
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St.

New York, NY, 10016