Stories from Storytown 5

Stories from Storytown 5

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Join us as we welcome Stories from Storytown 5 to The Cutting Room!


Stories from Storytown is a communal evening of live music and evocative storytelling about music over the years in New York City by those who were there - artists, managers, writers, studio owners, and fans.

Hosted by Storytown bandleader Guy Story, this bimonthly series mixes storytelling with live music from the band Storytown. Each storyteller shares their personal experiences in NY’s music scene over the years. And Guy’s band Storytown plays live in between the stories – new songs as well as songs from their debut album Welcome to Storytown. It’s a variety show of sorts about music in NY, then and now, intimate and personal.

We are thrilled to feature the following storytellers at this next event:

Danny Goldberg, President of Gold Village Entertainment, has worked in the music business as a personal manager, record company president, public relations man and journalist. Danny is the author of several books, including  "Serving The Serving: Remembering Kurt Cobain", "In Search Of The Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea", "Bumping Into Geniuses," and "How The Left Lost Teen Spirit." He has been in the music business since the late nineteen sixties, when he started his career as a reporter for Billboard, for which he reviewed the Woodstock Festival.

Merry Cyr has worked primarily in NYC as a fine art and commercial photographer. Focused on portraiture of musicians and artists, her clients include Disney, Apple, Columbia Records, Sony, Vimeo, Warner Brothers, Verve, Polygram, Rolling Stone, among many others. She is author of A Wished-for Song, Portrait of Jeff Buckley and has recently completed her second book 25 Years of Grace, which was released in September 2019.

Dennis Dunaway was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 as a founding member of the band named Alice Cooper. Dennis is in the Grammy Hall of Fame for co-writing “School’s Out.” Dennis’ book, Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures In The Alice Cooper Group is in its 3rd printing and has been translated into German. The audiobook, narrated by Dennis, is available at

About Storytown

NYC band Storytown is the brainchild of songwriter, guitarist and tech visionary Guy Story. Their debut album, Welcome to Storytown was released last year. Having spent decades deeply embedded in the tech industry — working for the likes of Bell Labs and as the founding CTO at Audible — Guy had an early footprint in startup culture, digital media, and rights management, all of which have become major touchstones in the current music industry. During his time in tech, his lifetime fascination with music and playing guitar had been squarely relegated to a romantic idea dating to his early teens that the Mississippi native would revisit periodically but never allow himself to embrace fully. It wasn’t until experiencing what some might call a late-in-life moment of clarity that Story realized it was now-or-never between him and making music. Much to his surprise, the impulse to facilitate stories—whether it be in the form of writing code or constructing a melody—weren’t altogether different. As it turns out, the narrative impulse just happens to be a part of his DNA.

Backed by bassist Rick Wagner, keyboardist Charly Roth, and drummer Tony Cruz, the twelve original tracks on Welcome to Storytown bring to mind Talking Heads, as well as R.E.M., Old 97s and Alejandro Escovedo, among other Southern Rock greats. Deeply embedded in these songs is an innate understanding of how great pop songs work—lyrics that match the emotional heft of the music, perfectly calibrated arrangements in which no sound, no instrumentation, goes to waste. Each song represents an individual journey, both musically and thematically.







Venue Information:
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St.
New York, NY, 10016