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The inimitable and ineffable LIONEL welcomes Truth Warriors and Charter Members of the Redpilled Clerisy to The Cutting Room

LIONEL returns to grace the portals of the Cutting Room for yet another show that reinvents (out)spoken word. LIONEL is a raconteur, boulevardier and practitioner of the absurdist lens in a style no one, and we mean, no one has ever approximated. A celebration for charter members of the red-pilled clerisy and truth warrior contingent. Verity evangelism. His last Cutting Room event was one for the ages as the audience thundered rousing support for LIONEL and his Conspiratorium Review. LIONEL never fails to astound, confound, enchant and mesmerize his liberty sentry audience with tales from the front lines, a wicked dissection of fake news media charlatans and panjandrums and a keen and decisive inspection of the world through the unique prism that defies description yet redefines comedy, satire and critical thinking. And if that’s not enough he brings his trio and tintinnabulation troika, Lock ‘n Load, featuring Brobdingnagian flatpicking wizard talent Bob Harris along with Carl Baran, the high priest of banjo renaissance, to wow and cosmically jumpstart your soul through a musical foray into the roots-based gutbucket high lonesome America heritage songbook of the immaculate twang of Mother Bluegrass.

$25 Food & Drink Minimum

$35 GA / $40 At The Door

Venue Information:
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St.

New York, NY, 10016