Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams

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Join us at The Cutting Room for a night with Casey Abrams


A sweet and sometimes wild-ass jazz-bassist, funkman, vocalist, & performer,

who tours the world with the super viral collective, Post Modern Jukebox, is

now doing a deep dive into free-wheeling, loving interpretations of the music

that made him love music … with heart, fun and his own authenticity.


CaseyBassy is now more than fulfilling his goal which he announced on where

he was a welcoming bridge to jazz for a television audience of millions as the

first upright jazz bass Finalist on AMERICAN IDOL.

His latest CD, simply purely entitled “JAZZ” hit Billboard ‘s No. 2 jazz spot. This

is the inimitable CaseyBassy’s first full jazz standards record. released in 2019,

from audiophile recording label, Chesky Records. And his 2018 Chesky record,

“Put A Spell on You,”, going to #5 on Billboard’s jazz chart, displays an eclectic

mix of Casey’s new music with some favorites from his landmark 2011

AMERICAN IDOL appearances.

Casey’s fresh compilation on his new Chesky EP, ”Uncovered,” are four highlight

songs concocted during these New York recording sessions special sessions in

New York, but now newly released, available for the first time at his March

concerts and shows, and on digital download everywhere.

With this long-awaited new Spring 2020 Tour, old and very new fans are

discovering what it’s like to be at close range in intimate settings with this

unique, quirky singer/bassist, whose touchmark on stage is the redesigning of

his own set lists as he plays with his jazz trio and gets the feeling of each

individual audience he has gathered around him.

In this way, Casey always honors the true meaning of jazz, by playing and

singing with his gut and his heart, re-inventing his arrangements to send his

crowds home floating on a fresh breeze.

$25 food & beverage minimum per person.

Venue Information:
The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St.
New York, NY, 10016